This week on Jersey XYZ, Stathis Theodoropoulos, is joined by Brian Rock, Teacher and NJEA member, and Kavita Mehra,  Executive Director at Sakhi for South Asian Women.

We have a lot to chat about as we dive into Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Orders. Since he was elected into office he has passed the executive orders on:

Promoting Equal Pay, Gender Equity
Close loopholes of receiving personal gifts
Review of NJ Transit
Review of the corporate tax
To re-enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
Promote Offshore Wind Energy
Directed state agencies to provide the public with information on Obamacare enrollment
Mandating Review of New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Policy

We chat on why or why not these are important issues for Gen XYZ, and what we would like to see from executive orders, and the legislature in the future.

We also talk about how NJ Senate President Sweeney is calling for a wholesale re-evaluation of how government functions in New Jersey and has hit the ‘pause’ button on any effort to boost taxes at the state level. We examine what is the impact on Governor Phil Murphy’s priorities, and again, the policy issues effecting Gen XYZ.

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Brian Rock · February 25, 2018 at 2:27 am

Thanks for having me on again! And mea culpa for getting my history wrong. Brendan Byrne was wildly unpopular in the summer of 1977 (after instituting an income tax), but he was able to come back from a double digit deficit and secure re-election.

And the fact that I made that mistake is evidence that we ought to emphasize New Jersey history more in schools… h/t Mike for the correction.

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