On this week’s episode of Jersey XYZ, we have Brian Rock, Mussab Ali, and Stathis Theodoropoulos to talk about education. We jump into the conversation by talking about the state of education in New Jersey and also about the inequities among our school systems. We chat about about how we fund our schools, how social services and other community programs can ensure better educational outcomes, and how progressive policies can compliment efforts in the classroom. We also dig into Congress’s tax bill and how it will impact education in NJ.

We then talk about NJ’s Board of Education. We discuss the role of the board and the impact of Gov Christie’s appointments being confirmed for the board this past week.

Finally, we talk about the Prosper Act. The Prosper Act is Congress’s attempt to “reduce the role of taxpayers in funding federal public education”. And contrary to the name of the bill, it doesn’t look like it will help many students prosper.

A little bit more about our two guests. Brian Rock is a social studies teacher in East Orange and an active member of the NJEA. He also maintains a website about civics education, The Civic Educator (http://civiceducator.org/). Mussab Ali is student at Rutgers University, and was just elected to a seat on the Jersey City Board of Education.

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Brian Rock · December 14, 2017 at 1:43 pm

Thanks for having me on! Had a great time talking education and politics. If anybody’s looking for more info regarding Nebraska’s civics initiative that I referenced on the show, you can read about it here.

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