This week on Jersey XYZ, Jackie Cornell, Jon Whiten, and Stathis Theodoropoulos discuss things happening from Trenton to DC. We start off the conversation on who Governor Elect Murphy nominated for NJ’s next Attorney General, and for State Treasurer. We talk about who these folks are, but also what challenges they will need to tackle in NJ, and opportunities they have to move the state forward.

The conversation continues on US Congress’s Tax Bill. Jon and Jackie dig deep into their policy experience to lay out what will happen to the average NJ resident, and as we chatted in episode 2, it doesn’t look good. Beyond Congress’s tax bill, we talk about what NJ needs to do to get it’s tax code right. Great insights on the repercussions for Gen XYZ in NJ, if we fail to have a more progressive tax code, from Trenton to DC.

Lastly we talk about the great work New Jersey Policy Perspective does, which is a “think and do tank” on Jersey policies. Jackie and Jon share the story of NJPP. With their policy experience over the years, they provide a great insight on where New Jersey has been over the years, and what New Jersey needs to do to move forward to address the needs of gen XYZ and the rest on New Jersey’s residents.

To learn more about the great work NJPP does, visit them at, and follow them on social media:

Jon’s article in the Asbury Press:



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